Thursday, April 3, 2008

Uganda: Minister Wants More Women to Join Politics -

Joseph KariukiKampala

MORE women should fall in political relation to increase their voice in Parliament, the state curate for local authorities have said. During the launch of a book on the engagement of women in local politics, Hope Mwesigye decried the little figure of women in local councils.

"We have got only one adult female LC5 chairperson. We necessitate more than women to come in political relation to vie with men."

The curate made the comments recently at Makerere University, while launching Josephine Ahikire's book, Localised or Localising Democracy: Gender and Politics of Decentralization in Contemporary Uganda.

Mwesigye said the affirmatory action introduced by the NRM Government would enable women attain a 50:50 ratio with their male opposite number in politics.

She said the current 30% female population in Parliament was good but could be increased.

"We should not be discouraged. Rich Person you ever seen a priest give up sermon because people did not acquire saved? Even with women representation, it is going to take long but we will accomplish the goal."

Mwesigye, however, said women mononuclear phagocyte system were not taken seriously by their male counterparts, who pay small attending to them during debates.

She said there was a misconception that women who acquire to Parliament through affirmatory action are less competent.

"I would wish to dispute the position that women who come in Parliament as women mononuclear phagocyte system are less productive. Women mononuclear phagocyte system execute better than work force in their constituencies."

Commenting on the book, the curate said her ministry would purchase transcripts to be used as ushers in running the local councils.

The book was published by Kampala-based Fountain Publishers.

Former Mbarara Woman military policeman Miria Matembe described her 17 old age in Parliament as lonely, with work force dominating all the legal proceeding in the House.

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"I felt very alone and defeated because I went to Parliament with people I thought were my friends but they betrayed me."

Matembe criticised the pattern of forcing women, who are seeking political business office to kneeling and implore for votes.

She said electors handle male aspirers more respectfully than the women candidates.

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