Monday, December 29, 2008

What is Truth? Three Characteristics of Truth Relevant to the Origin of the Universe

In the battle between modern and post-modern thought, the topic of truth hangs in the balance. The modern mind accepts that there may be some absolutes, i.e. at least a few concrete, cosmopolitan facts that are undeniable. The postmodern head rejects any impression of cosmopolitan or absolute truth, considering it as unverifiable, and thus encompasses localized or experiential truth only. This article analyzes three features of truth relevant to the beginning of the universe.

Truth is Narrow

The feature about truth is that truth is narrow. If one individual desires to name another individual by telephone, he or she must dial the right telephone number. If the individual placing the phone call is off by even one number, they will not attain the other party. In the same way, if person wishings to see a friend at their home, they must travel to the right street and computer address or they will not happen their friend. Truth is by nature narrow.

Truth is Absolute

Granted, as in the head of the postmodern thinker, the above illustrations measure up as localised or experiential truth. The postmodern thought of localised or experiential truth is sometimes equated to the impression of relation truth, i.e. each individual comprehends truth relative to their ain peculiar point of reference. As such, the individual that rejects the impression of absolute truth makes so because he or she believes that it is impossible for a human beingness to accurately comprehend such as as truth.

Still, even as human beingnesses may not be able to objectively detect and depict events exactly as they happened, this should not intend those events did not go on in exactly one way. For example, four work force living in four different subdivisions of the United States take to detect the way of the moon on the same night. Each records their observations and directs their determinations to each of the other members.

To each one's surprise none of the other three depicts the scene in the same way. Yet, even as the four participants could not hold on the existent way of the moon that night, this makes not intend the moon traveled along four different routes. Even as the work force could not come up up with a common description, the moon only traveled according to one concrete or absolute path. This is also true about events happening visible light old age away from the earth. That which is happening in each peculiar portion of the existence is only happening in one specific or absolute manner whether or not the perceiver have the capacity to accurately depict those events.

Only One Truth about the Universe

Just about every civilization on the planet have a theory about how the existence began. The Hindoo mind believes the existence is an semblance born through a hallucination of a cosmopolitan consciousness followers the separation of its male and female parts. Buddhist and atheist/naturalist minds believe the existence simply bes and that everything evolved from nothing. Christian, Judaic and Moslem minds state the existence was created by one Godhead God. Postmodern minds state it is impossible to comprehend which or any of these verbal descriptions is true because no 1 was present to see the event.

Furthermore, they believe that even if person was present at the event, he or she would not have got the capacity to accurately depict the event in an aim way. While this may be so, the postmodern mind should not reason that the existence did not get in one peculiar way. In fact, pure logic orders that whether or not human beingnesses can ever come up to an accurate cognition of the original events of the universe, this should not take them to reason that the existence did not constitute in lone 1 particular and absolute way. The universe, including all stuff and immaterial matters contained within it, is one topographic point and could only have got come up to being in one way. There is only one truth about how the existence began and goes on to exist.

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